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Releasedatum NL:
16 november 2018
Releasedatum BE:
16 november 2018


Alle liefhebbers halen met ‘Hardcore Top 100 - Best Of 2018’ direct de 100 beste hardcore tracks van het afgelopen jaar in huis. Dat is meer dan genieten; dat is compleet uit je plaat gaan op meer dan twee uur strak gemixte hardcore beats! ‘Hardcore Top 100 - Best Of 2018’ ligt vanaf 16 November in de winkels.

Concept Art & Thorax Rave Until The Grave (Hardcore Edit). Access One Hardcore Domination Akira Rave 2055 Angerfist - The Promqueen's Finest Drugs (MOH) Anime Catch Me If You Can AniMe The Third Invasion (Official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018 Anthem) AniMe & Mad Dog Symmetry AniMe feat. Dave Revan The Third Invasion (Official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018 Anthem) Antenora vs NeutroniX – Fourth Circle Black Flowers Wake Up Blaster Drop The Bomb Blaster - Crazy Shit (Footworxx) Bloodfire Hit With The Hard Bodyshock - The Virus (MOH) Broken Minds Harness Their Energy Bullet Proof Code Red Byron Taken By The Dark Power (Original Mix) Catscan The Partystarter Chaotic Hostility & Tieum Duivel Vriend Contagious Madness Drop The Bomb Crossfiyah Anger Crypsis The E Da KroniK - The Curse Damian Wanna Be On Fire Danytribe Galaxydrome Day-Mar - My Path (MOH) D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Ghost Stories Deadly Guns & Destructive Tendencies feat. Sovereign King - Armageddon Deadly Guns feat. Livid Decimate To Dust Death By Design & Maissouille - Rampage Of Vikings Delete Louder Delete - V2P Densha Crisis Kick Variations & Interludes Destructive Tendencies - This Is My Ameno (MOH) Destructive Tendencies feat. Nolz & Pianair – Release This Beast (Restrained Remix) D-Fence – Start No Shit! Digital Punk Die Trying Dither - Prophecy (TTM) Dogfight Clan & Alee Live & Direct (Official Free Festival 2018 Hardcore Anthem) Dr. Peacock & Partyraiser Trip To Holland DR. Peacook Fool Drokz My Shit Is Dope Drug Fuckers Been Put Dead D-Sturb & High Voltage - Universe D-Sturb & Nolz - Aiming For The Top (Official Supremacy 2018 Anthem) D-Sturb & Sefa - Nothing Like The Oldschool Dyprax - Titty Pom Pom eDub - Daily Dose Of Hardcore (PRSPCT) E-Force - Do Or Die E-Force & Luna Mindcontroller Endymion - Gladiator (Rebelion Remix) Enemy Contact Victory E-Noid From Within Formek The Power And The Glory (Original Mix) FrenchFaces ft. Killer MC & Rhezie - Get Wasted (Ibiza Goes Hard Official Soundtrack) Furyan Money Maker Hardez Instinct I:Gor - Lose Yourself (MOTORMOUTH RECORDS) I:Gor - The Pit (PRSPCT) Killshot Beastmode 2.0 Korsakoff & Never Surrender & Alee Salvation Lady Dammage - Wet Pussy (UNLEASHED) Luminite - Rap Saga Lunatic Fearless Mad Dog Babylon Dead Malice Brutalized Mark With A K - Moneyshaker (Sub Sonik Remix) Masters Of Ceremony Hardcore To The Bone (N-Vitral Remix) (NEOPHYTE) Minus is More Brothers In Sound Minus Militia - Mop Mop Gas Erop (MIM) Miss K8 feat. Nolz Resolute Power (Official Syndicate 2017 Anthem) Mr. Bassmeister Hot Mr. Madness - Lucifer - Ncrypta Scars Negative A - Underground Broke Neophyte Wrath of Warlords (Official Dominator 2018 Anthem) Neophyte & Evil Activities – Pokkeherrie (Chaotic Hostility Remix) Never Surrender – Never Surrender Noize Suppressor Danger Nolz & Act Of Rage - Alpha Rebel Nosferatu & Nolz Unification of Inner Power (Official Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2018) N-Vitral Crispy Bassdrum (N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Remix) N-Vitral & Angerfist Bare Knuckle Fist N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD - Poison Spitter (MOH) N-Vitral X I:Gor - Crack Your Neck (TTM) Ophidian The Chosen (Decipher Remix) Ophidian & Ruffneck So Many Sacrifices (2018 Mix) Outside Agency X Ophidian - Return Of The Silence (GENOSHA) Packerhead Compassion Partyraiser & Crime Scene Rocking With The Best Peckerhead Rated R (Original Mix) Pepix & Mc RG Breaking Barriers Promo The Memory Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Testarossa Ran-D Hurricane Rebelion - A-Bomb (N-Vitral Remix) (GEARBOX) Rejecta Let My Tape Rock Reprix & MC RG - Breaking Barriers Restrained & Alee – Total Chaos Restrained & Mental Disorder – Waking The Demon Re-Style Get It Crackin (MOH 2018 Edit) Rob Da Rhythm Burning Tears Rooler YES! Sefa Leven = Lijden Sefa X Rooler - Survive The Street (GEARBOX) SRB vs. RTC - Harder Than A Hooligan Stereotype Murder Streiks & Kratchs Voetbal Sub Sonik & Reqiuem Elevation Tears Of Fury Pain Game Tears Of Fury feat. Killer MC Pain Game Tellurian big green bag *smokum mix) Tha Playah & Never Surrender & MC Jeff Gunshow The Satan - Black List (PRSPCT) Tieum Eh ! Tieum & Richie Gee Sulivan Unexist Attack (Dither Remix) Vandal!sm - Classics Mashup (Contact Vandal!sm (Maikel van Gool) himself because it was a free release) Vi Ta Lee No Limit on Distortion Warface & Deadly Guns From The South
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