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Releasedatum NL:
02 februari 2018
Releasedatum BE:
02 februari 2018


The first full-length PaganFolk album EVER produced by SteveSic AND Jenny together in 2004! "Crone of War" is a milestone in OMNIA history. This album truly kickstarted the worldwide PaganFolk scene and moved OMNIA into the forefront of a rapidly expanding movement of Musick, Lifestyle and Nature. After many years, many reprints (and many new albums) the OMNIA catalogue of CD's was getting too large to manage, so "Crone of War" was taken out of production (to great sadness of many fans). Now, after much time has passed since it originally went into circulation, the OMNIA story has gotten much bigger and it seemed unfair to withold this jewel of early PaganFolk musick from the public. That is why "Crone of War" will be re-released so that OMNIA fans everywhere (old and new) can get to enjoy this ancient collector's item in the same pure state it was in as the first day it was recorded. Apart from the very original OMNIA musick contained on this disc (songs that have all become classics in their own right), the high-end production/recording technique used to make this CD is unique as well! Crone of War was recorded using only 2 very special hand-built microphones full of rainbows of crystals connected to a very complicated set up of crystals and equipment to keep the emotion and clarity of the pieces and the performance intact. The soundfiles have never been "compressed", "mastered", "auto-tuned" or artificially altered in any way, giving the most honest, pure and "true to life" sound possible (a special process developed by the eccentric recording genius Norbert Veel in Holland). Now, finally, EVERYBODY can own this classic OMNIA CD (which up until now has only been available second-hand through expensive collector's sites) for a normal price. Old PaganFolk or New PaganFolk, OMNIA's musick is timeless enjoyment that remains forever fresh

1: Intro 2: The Wylde Hunt 3: Mabon 4: Fidhe Ra Huri 5: The Sidhenearlahi Set 6: Jenny in ’t Fogge 7: Taranis 8: Morrigan 9: The Bold Fenian Men 10: Nämndemans-Ola 11: Auta Luonto 12: Luna
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