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HARDCORE TOP 100 -2016

Releasedatum NL:
15 juli 2016
Releasedatum BE:
15 juli 2016
CLDM 2016012


Hardcore Top 100 2016 is terug met wederom de beste hardcore tracks die je maar kunt bedenken. Hopelijk heb je een limiter op je versterker want ‘Hardcore top 100 2016’ zal je apparatuur anders flinke schade toebrengen! Overstuurde kick drums, knallende bassen en scheurende synths bepalen het beeld van deze gemixte dubbele compact disc verzamelaar met de 100 beste hardcore tracks van dit moment. Hell yeah, dat is weer hakken geblazen! ‘Hardcore top 100 2016’ ligt op 15 juli in de winkels.

TENTATIVE:Beatstream, The BeatKrusher-Hole In Ya Chest D-Fence-Pompen Enzyme X-Hunt Luxxer,Godfather Pt III, Da Mouth of Madness-We Go Hard Md&a, Natski-Victims of VoodooMeltdown-Surviving The Times Partyraiser-Fuck The Fame And Fortune Quitara-Get Up On It Radio Killa-Hardcore Motherfuckers Reprobate-the Hard Way Rob Gee, Brutale-No Compromise (edit) The Punisher, Meccano Twin-Give Me (Mecano Twins Remix) Tugie, Innominate-Let The Blood Spill Warface-Release the Kraken 50% Of The Dreamteam-Open Sesame (Theme From Hell) DJ Skuffa RemixBuzz Fuzz & Delirium-B2BW 2016 Cruel Intentions' Nostalgic Remix Resolver-About Drums Resolver- =What Makes Me Al Twisted & Necrotic-Screwface Nukem-Heavy Metal Nukem-Party For Your Right Onesim-Transmission Rhino-Gangsta Shit Stampede-Loud and Nasty Destructive Tendencies-Against All Odds Destructive Tendencies &Hardbouncer-Destiny (Darkcontroller Mix) Dirty Bastards-Arrogant Dirty Bastards-XTC Hell System-After The End Lady Dammage-Fear Me Bitches Angerfist & MC Nolz-Raise & Revolt Angerfist & Neophyte feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel-Fight With Anger Bodyshock ft. MC Tha Watcher-The Storm Crossfiyah-Judge Me Crossfiyah-Rage (Bodyshock Remix) DaY-Mar-Sometimes Day-Mar-Luxury Day-Mar & Icha-Black Flowers Death By Design & Brutal Jesters-Fearception Decipher & Shinra-It's On Decipher & Shinra-Vitamins Dyprax-Guerilla Games Dyprax-The Future (Tha Playah Remix) Dyprax-The Plague Javi Boss-Unruly Korsakoff-Somnia Korsakoff & Furyan-A New Dawn Meltdown-Choose The Way Miss K8-Magnet Miss K8 & MC Nolz-raiders Of Rampage Predator & Catscan-Down With The Real Predator & Triax-Savage Re-Style-Towards The Sun Re-Style-Unit Of Measure Re-Style & Bass-D-Keep Freakin' Re-style & Bodyshock feat. MC Nolz-Wild Sparks Thorax-Innocent Blood Triax-Mad As Fuck D-Fence-Bass Line Furyan & Bodyshock-Murder Furyan & Kasparov-Nightfort Neophyte & Evil Activities with E-Life and Alee-Exodus Neophyte & Nosferatu - S.I.C.K. Nosferatu-Sancity of Space Restrained-what I Want Synthax- Stay True Tha Playh-Get Hard Jane Dark-Ascended Luxxer-Primal Forces Luxxer-Represent (Negative A Remix) Negative A-Crush Kill Destroy Negative A-Crush Kill Destroy Negative A & Counterfeit-Danger (Need For Speed) Advanced Dealer & Kutski-Killscreen Alien T-I Hate Children AniMe-Sickness DJ Mad Dog-Call of Fury DJ Mad Dog-Not My Tempo The Melodist-Kill Mode Tommyknocker & Art of Fighters-Your Betrayal Tommyknocker & Unexist-Dead Man AniMe-Exterminate Broken Minds-NEIA Darkcontroller, Saphira, Tripped-6 Demons (Tripped Remix) Dither-Bang DJIPE-Contsantly Consuming DJIPE-Turtle Devastation Wave Dolphin-Mimesis D-Passion-Reanimate Hellfish-Labatory of Pain Mad Dog, MC Nolz & MC Syco-The Apocalypse Miss Hysteria, Ophidian-Nothing Waits
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