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Releasedatum NL:
07 mei 2021
Releasedatum BE:
07 mei 2021


Back by popular demand De ‘Hardstyle Top 100 2021 ’ zijn twee albums, gemixt met alleen maar klappers
van tracks!

De crème de la crème van de Hardstyle vind je op deze compilatie!
In deze tijd van lockdowns en beperkingen even lekker helemaal los met tracks van de grootste hardstyle artiesten van dit moment totdat het weer kan op een festival!!

TENTATIVE TRACKLIST: CD1:01.Ricardo Moreno - Get Crazy 02.Jebroer, Harris &Ford - The Master 03.Ransom - Make That Body Rock04.Ricardo Moreno – Partystarter 05.CharlyLownoise, Mental Theo - Your Smile (Kane ScottRemix) 06.Da Tweekaz - Heroes Of Today 07.DigitalMindz featuring Vivian Moon – Fortify 08.Pheratofeaturing D-Noizer and MC Synergy – Travelers09.Dr Rude - Atlantis 2021 10.Coone and JoeKillington – Painkiller 11.Phrantic and GLDY LX - SetThe World On Fire 12.Heatwavez and Tesfy –Embrace 13. Coone – Insanity 14.Ecstatic and Audiotricz featuring MERYLL - Wildest Dreams 15.Serzo - Feel It Tonight 16.Pherato andDaniela Presta - A New Day 17.Jay Reeve and Hardstyle Pianist featuring Elyn - Ignite The Fire 18.Dillytek - Bleed As One 19.DaTweekaz - Heroes Of Today 20.Coone featuring Dominique Young Unique – BOSS 21.Denza and Retrospect – Defined 22.JNXD - The End23.Da Tweekaz - Nothingness (Amentis Remix) 24.Firelite - Dance Generation 25.Pherato - Altered Visions 26.Coone - Aladdin On E(Warface Remix) 27.Primeshock - Cheat Codes 28.Hard Driver – Chemistry 29.Coone and Zatox - I Like To Move I t 30.SubSonik – Flames31.Crystal Lake – Glory 32.Killshot and The Straikerz - Here We Go Again 33.Warface - Bloody Valentine 34.Bloodlust featuring Carolaand MC Livid - The Assasins 35.Killshot – Horrorshow 36.E-Force – Gremlins 37.D-Sturb - Guts To Dance 38.Bloodlust – Samurave39.Artifact and Deluzion – Searching 40.Warface - Blow The Speakers 41.KELTEK - The Alignment 42.MYST - Life Eternal 43.Invector -Crashing Down 44.Legion - Hymn Of War 45.Hans Teeuwen & De Nachtbrakers ft. Haha Bier Jongen - L*L In De Lockdown 46.MYST – Bliss47.Mathew Vice - Underground Underdog 48.Delius – Executionist 49.JDX - Qlimax The Source (The Score) 50.Krowdexx, Lea König -Heaven & Hell 51.MYST – Monster 52.Ressurectz - Fallen Angels 53.B-Front & Udex - Falling 54.Crystal Mad - Here For YouCD2:01.Ran-D, D-Sturb, Xception - Dance With The Devil 02.Frequencerz, Mark Vayne – Ecstasy 03.MYST - The Path We Take04.Zatox - I'm OnFaya 05.Magnuz & Ryptox - Be The Hero 06.Vertile - Change This Place 07.Villagerz - Coming Home 08.Adaro ft. Mark Vane - Heaven High09.MYST, Elyn - Arms Of Sorrow 10.Atmozfears, Refuzion - Lost With You 11.Sub Sonik & Deetox - My Way (Radianze Remix) 12.Sound Rush- Live Forever (D-Tunez Remix) 13.Headhunterz & JDX – Transcendence 14.Atmozfears – Home 15.Wildstylez & Ran-D – Warriors 16.SubZero Project - Enter The Realm 17.Krowdexx, Lea König - Heaven & Hell 18.Outsiders & Alee - Dubbel Zo Hard (Weet Je Nog?) 19.Stormerz -Losing It 20.B-Front - The Light Of Darkness 21.Uncaged - Whatever It Takes 22.B-Front - The Light Of Darkness 23.Ghost Stories (D-Block& S-te-Fan) - Inside My Head 24.Rebelion & Sound Rush – Hypnotized 25.Dj Isaac - Follow Me 26.Ruff Limits & Crazed Keen - MyHeart 27.Envine - Voice Of God 28.Insurge - Run The Show 29.The Prophet - Lay Low Jay Reeve - Voice Of Silence (Crypton Remix)30.Proto Bytez - Feel So Free 31.Hypnose – Escape 32.The Dreamerz & Survivorz - I'm Just A Raver 33.Broken Element - Hollow (2021Edit) 34.Rebelion & Sound Rush – Hypnotized 35.Nacion - Ain't No Coming Back 36.Adrenalize – Midnight 37.Rascal - To The Ground38.BENGR - Fire In Her Eyes 39.LYNX - The Shadows 40.RVAGE - Haunted Eyes 41.Nightcraft - Into The Dark 42.Devin Wild – Blinded43.Insurge & Phyric – Warning 44.Rogue Zero - When The Rest Die 45.Kronos ft. Last Word – Warzone 46.Faye - Ride Or Die 47.D-Block& S-te-Fan - Good Times 48.Crossfight - Crisis Evolved 49.Demi Kanon - Wings To Freedom 50.Luca Testa ft. Reptile Room - No One Else51. Ruff Limits & Crazed Keen - My Heart 52.Envine - Voice Of God
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